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The World Championship Motocross MX1 and MX2 Championship will happen on the 10th of March in Bangkok, Thailand. This will be the second race of the year for this series, following the FIM MX1 MX2 Motocross World Championships of Qatar at the Losail Circuit, held on the 2nd of March. The next event on the calender will be the FIM Motocross World Championship Grand Prix Netherlands in Valkenswaard and after that on the 14th of April, the series will head to Arco di Trento, Italy with the Bulgaria race following.

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The results of the Grand Prix Qatar at Losail was Jeffrey Herlings come in first in the MX2 and Clement Desalle take first in the MX1. The second place spots in the MX2 belonged to Ferris Dean and Glenn Godenhoff and then the second spot for the MX1 went to Ken de Dycker. Clement Desalle is leading the MX1 right now with 47 points followed by Antonio Cairoli in second with 45. Gautier Paulin is in third and Ken De Dycker takes fourth. Evgueni Bobryschev is in the fifth placed driver. In the MX2 it is Jeffrey Herlings, Dean Ferris and Romain Febvre in the top three spots.

Posted: 22nd July 2012

The next race on the FIM World Championship Motocross MX1 and MX2 will be in Semigorje on July 22nd, the eleventh race of the year for the series. On August 5th the series will be in Loket for the Grand Prix of Czech Republic and then it will be onto Matterley Basin in Winchester in the United Kingdom for the Grand Prix of Britain. for a race on the 19th of August. On September 2nd, the series will be in Lierop and then onto the September 9th race in Faenza, which will be the Grnad Prix of Europe. Just two events follow after that.

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The last event was the Latvia Grand Prix and it was won by Antonio Cairoli with Ken de Dycker coming in second and Kevin Strijbos as third. Rui Goncalves was in fourth place and Gautier Paulin was fifth. In the standings, Antonio Cairoli leads, right now with 392 points and Clement Desalle comes in second. Christophe Purcel is the third driver on the standings, and then Gautier Paulin comes in fourth. In fifth right now is Ken de Dycker. In the manufacturer standings, KTM leads with 442 points followed by Kawasaki and Suzuki.

Posted: 1th July 2012

The FIM World Championship Motorcross continues with the next event on the calender in Uddevalla, Sweden. They will be racing on the 1st of July 2012, and this event will be followed by the race at Latvia. Other upcoming venues include Russia, Czech Republic and Great Britain. This championship started in 1957, and the MX1 classifications compete as well as the MX2 and MX3. The MX1 is the premier class of the championship, with two stroke engines allowed up to 250cc and four strokes up to 450cc.

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Last year, Antonio Cairoli with KTM took the MX1, followed by Steven Frossard with Yamaha and Clement Desalle with Suzuki. In the MX2 it was two KTM drivers who came in first and second. Ken Rooczen was the number one driver and Jeffrey Herlings took the second spot. Tommy Searle who rides for Kawasaki came in at the third spot for the MX2. We had Julien Bill with Honda coming in at the top for the MX3 Championship, followed by Honda's Milko Potisek and then Martin Michek with KTM was third.

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Posted: 10th March 2013

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