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This week in Formula One, before the season officially opens with the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia, there will be tests at the Circuit Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. The final test is going to happen starting Thursday, February 28th and ending Sunday, March 1st, which means that there will be 12 days of testing that happen on the Formula One Circuit before the first race actually happens. The first event, the Australian Grand Prix, will be held from the fifteenth to the seventeenth of March and will be followed by the Malaysia race.

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The test that happened just before this one was at the same circuit in Barcelona, and it was plagued by bad weather, which meant that some of the teams experience degradation, and the tires weren't able to operate properly. The Montmelo circuit is 4.655 kilometers, and should be a good test for the drivers. Other races that are coming up in the near future on the Formula One Racing Circuit include the second event in Malaysia, which will be from March 22nd through the 24th. We also have races in Spain, Monaco and Bahrain coming up.

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Posted: 28th February 2013

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