Michael Shumacher is Happy but Speculative For New Season

Michael ShumacherMichael Shumacher and his team tested the new Mercedes during the winter, for a total of about 4,250 kilometers and the vehicle performed well, and was very fast and reliable. However, while things are looking hopeful for the team, Michael Shumacher is cautious going into the new season. His comments to his official website said that the first impressions of the new car were quite good, and that there is potential. He also mentioned that the team was going into the new season better prepared than they have been the last two years.

Shumacher mentioned that he hopes that the car can be shown off in Melbourne, but that he wants to wait until the end of the first race do determine how much of an improvement has been made and how much the vehicle “is worth compared to our competitors”. Shumacher, who is a seven time world champion said that last year the team discovered that the results coming out of the winter test are not always reliable. Shumacher will be participating next week in the very first Formula One Championship of the 2012 season in Melbourne, Australia.

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Posted: 13th March 2012

F1 News Michael Shumacher is Happy but Speculative For New Season
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