Jenson Button Wins 2012 Australian Grand Prix

Jenson ButtonThe very first race of the year was held recently on the Formula One Circuit. The Australian Grand Prix, which was held in Melbourne, was held on Sunday, the 18th of March. The McLaren Mercedes driver was able to complete the 55 lap race in 1:34:09.565 to take his first win of the year. The next race on the calendar is coming up shortly, happening on March 25th in Malaysia, and then the season is off to a great start, with visits coming to famous venues all over the world including China, Spain, Bahrain, Monaco and many more.

The pole position was taken by Lewis Hamilton, another McLaren driver, and then Jenson Button was able to take the second spot on the grid. Third in the qualifying was Romain Grosjean with Michael Shumacher as the fourth. The fifth spot on the grid was taken by Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing Renault. Then, in the actual race, Jenson Button was first, followed by Sebastian Vettel with RBR Renault and Lewis Hamilton took third. Mark Webber came in fourth and the fifth placed driver was Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

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Posted: 19th March 2012

F1 News Jenson Button Wins 2012 Australian Grand Prix
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